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good morning, happy friday, thanks for joining us here on good morning maryland at 9:00. so much to talk about today. jamie's on the go. he's live in harford county, we'll check with him in just a bit. to give you a sneak peek of what's ahead, we always have food on the brain. today, listen up, it's good. the great steakhouse escape. we'll look at all the sizzling steakhouses in the baltimore area. what kind of cuts are the best? since we're talking about food in "studio b", our studio next door, we have chefs from bic cooking up an asian treat for us. we'll learn about that cuisine and how to make something simple at home. another thing that's kind of exciting, something we never do enough is looking to the skies and star gaze a little bit. we'll do that later on in the show with the folks from ccbc. of course, it's friday, we
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always have a pet of the week. we want you to check out ronnie. he's an 8-week-old puppy, pitbull, extremely friendly, not a biter, from the maryland spca. katie flokay ry is here. now we want to move on to today's to hot topic. we're talking about a warning about lasik eye surgery. what's the danger? a lot of people want to know. is there a danger? abc2 news elizabeth leeni brings us the interview and a behind the look story. >> reporter: hindsight is what's really 20/20. >> knowing what you know now, would you ever recommend lasik
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to someone you care about? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: he starting hearing about devastating side effects of lasik eye surgery. he asked his former employer to issue strong warnings about lasik. >> people don't understand, this isn't like getting your nails done. it's not like getting a curl in your hair. >> reporter: in lasik, a thin flap of the cornea is lifted out of the way. a laser flattens the inner cornea. that cornea can cause microscopic eye scarring and eye problems. star bursts like this are another common side effect. worst of all, some lasik patients actually experience blurred vision. >> reporter: according to waxler's analysis of data, half the patients experience side effects and more than 1/3
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continue to need glasses or contacts. >> my vision fluctuates frequently and i have to have work done constantly. >> reporter: the complications are much lower with today's modern lasik. nevertheless, the fda is now reviewing the procedure. >> obviously we wanted to talk to an expert, someone who performs lasik. opthamologist dr. bratson, thanks for coming in. you do the surgery all the time? >> pretty regularly. >> you're going to leave here and go do it. >> yeah. >> what too you think? >> corrective surgery has been around since the 50s, it's just getting better and better with better instrumentation. lasik is the latest vogue of how to correct people's vision. it's a great procedure. i operated on my wife in 1998, my mother-in-law in 1999. half my friends and family. i wouldn't be doing it on them if i didn't feel the outcomes
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will more than likely be happy with them. out of thousands of people, not everyone's going to turn out perfect. you want a doctor who's very selective at picking patients and turning away people who might not be the best candidate. overall i think it's a procedure that does very well. there's always a tiny risk with any surgery, this is one of the most satisfactory surgeries with 98% of people extremely satisfied with their outcome. of the 2% that are a little less than satisfied, 22% say they'd still have it done again, they're just not happy that they're not perfect. no surgery will make you absolutely perfect. the idea is to not have glasses. people who need glasses can run around without them on.
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if your mind set is unhappy with not perfect, you shouldn't have it done. >> a lot has to do with age as well? >> as we get older, we need help reading. so uh, lasik doesn't repair that unless you go into something more complicated calls mono vision. that's certainly not for everybody. the most important thing is, the surgery's been done for a long time, it's been made better and better and more accurate overtime. it's gotten more popular. i think what happened with this doctor in this interview, he heard from a couple people out of the millions who may have had a bad experience. that can happen. it's extremely unlikely. >> doctor, you even said more and more people will be vocal about it if it doesn't turn out-- >> when you're paying money. you're like "i want perfect." the idea here is you're getting
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glasses free, that's what we're doing. >> most of the people, i imagine, your wife, friends, family, most are happy right? >> a couple say they're not perfect, but nobody says they wouldn't have the procedure. my dad started this. he was doing this since 1975, i still take care of these people today, 40 years later. it's a happy bunch of people, some of the most satisfied patient-based surgeries. i wouldn't be doing it today if i thought it was a bad thing. >> i imagine patients address this with you all the time. >> patients need to have the right expectations. pick a doctor who will turn them away if they're not a great candidate. it's not for everybody, if you're not dying for it, don't get it. thanks for having me. use those good eyes and look at what i'm about to show you,
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our headlines, thick fog. down to where a lot of us with decent vision couldn't see. visibility was cut down to less than a quarter mile in many spots. they had school delays with trouble seeing overhead street signs and traffic signals. that should be coming up for all of us by 10:00. we are aiming for the record high of 95 set back in 1970. we'll be very close to that. here's that fog in towson. west elementary school. watch the visibility in the parking lot diminish briefly, starting to improve, bright spots in the sky. low clouds beginning to break up. muggy 75 degrees. we have that dew point at 71. that is a sultry level. as we continue to push in towards the afternoon, it'll be rather uncomfortable to be on the outside. even those that want this kind of heat, this is the kind of day that may make you change that thought process. really thick fog up towards york, pennsylvania and the harford zone. we're starting to break that up,
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even though clouds may linger behind it. we'll see gradual improvement over the next couple hours. a lot us will see sunshine building towards the afternoon. up across the northern tier. this one coming out of minnesota. they'll find very active weather and stretching along this cold front, coming down through michigan and illinois and indiana. the front itself is losing energy. there'll be showers and thunderstorms, probably going to split apart before it gets a chance to reach us today. couple bands of showers this afternoon and this evening, this is actually ahead of the front, back through hagerstown. as we roll through tomorrow, it should be east of us, eastern shore, you may get a shower, through virginia, we should get clearing skies. we'll watch moisture return back at us, returning sunday afternoon, mostly cloudy, much cooler, for today, 93.
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that's our two-degree guaranty. that's within that reach of that record of 95. mid- to upper 60s overnight. start off the weekend, pretty decent shape, partly cloudy day, 84. maybe a stray shower. sunday, monday, tuesday, a different story, we'll talk about that coming up in the next half hour. >> thanks, justin. are you looking for a great place to eat tonight? maybe you thought about one of those countless steakhouses we have in our area. coming up: we find out who the baltimore magazine thinks is the best way for you to get a great steak if you're in the mood. also ahead: moon in the night sky has been great to look at recently, there's plenty more to see. a local college has their way to do it, we'll tell anyone who wants to look right into the universe. listen, we're opening up the window to a brand new home. let's watch lynette step out of
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your new sauna. >> reporter: hello, i'm here. all this humidity out here, don't worry about the humidity, just put a hat on, c'mon out, there's lots to see here. it'll be a wonderful weekend.
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tax on everything you buy?
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that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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friday morning and it is sunny out there. it's going to be hot as well. you're looking at a live picture of the inner harbor this morning. justin will have more on your weekend weather, there are some things going on this weekend, he'll fill you in on what you can expect. many of you love a good steak, you may have a favorite place to chow down on one, this may change your mind. suzanne from baltimore magazine is here. she has a hard job. >> best beaches, best steakhouses, best restaurants. >> this was so much fun. we'd never done a round-up of all the steakhouses. there are many similarities, but also many differences. it was fun. >> how do you determine who has the best steak? >> we didn't really rank them, who had the best. we wanted to let people know, this is what you'll find. >> some of them were pretty pricey. before you spend a lot of money, you might as well know what's
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fair. is it more formal? more casual? we have stories about people getting away from requiring must-wear jackets for the guys. >> there was a funny line about it. >> i don't want to see some guy's toes with my $100 bottle of wine. >> restaurants have become more casual in that respect, as far as requiring men to wear their jackets. >> steaks aren't usually very expensive, but you have steaks on the cheap as well. >> we found some really good steaks in some surprising places, i think. uh, in house, al mary's downtown. they have a great steak for um, under $22 which is a good deal when you get two sides and a big salad with it. it's really, you know, quite a deal. and also, the reef grill in timonium has a wonderful steak, which is under $20. so there's good places where you can get a good steak and not spend a whole lot of money.
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>> you also go through all the different cuts as well, correct? >> we do. we try to get people a little primer, they can be familiar with the difference between the strip, a tenderloin, delmonico steak. >> what is that? >> it's part of the strip. it's just a different name for it. but sometimes people aren't familiar with it. we were trying to give a little guide to help people. >> because you ate so much steak researching this article, do you have favorite sides to go with it. >> somebody will have steak fries or potatoes? >> i have to go back to the prime rib, which is our cover steak, they um, they have their, you know, potato skins, which they've been making that recipe since i think the mid-60s, late 60s, and it's always a great side dish to have or even as an appetizer. >> when we were sitting here during commercial break, i said "what's your favorite steakhouse?" and you said it's not even in here.
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>> timothy dean's restaurant is a great place to have a steak. he's had a little financial difficulty, but it was supposed to go to auction, the auction was cancelled, the restaurant's still open. if you want a good steak, i recommend prime. >> i'm not really a steak-eater. for me this was educational. steak 101. next what is it? best desserts? >> if you ever need a sidekick, i'm in. we're going to move along, time to spruce up the home now that you have your appetite all wet. we'll talk about landscaping, jazz up the next party for you. we're going to do that from the maryland state home show this weekend. we finally met lynette charles, out at the sauna. where did you go, lynette? >> good morning megan, good
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morning, everybody. house jam, invent the night. right here, randy will tell us what we have here. >> absolutely, we want to welcome everybody this weekend uh, to our maryland home and garden show. it's this friday, saturday and sunday. 11:00 to 6:00 each day. come out, enjoy all the exhibits, the food, certainly the wine. >> i love that. >> reporter: we have wine tasting today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: tell us about the wine, my mouth is watering. >> these are all italian wines. wine wave, italian wine importer. this brand is called house jam. white and also a chillable red. really fun party wine. uh, very, very versatile with many, many party environments. peen grigio, kianti, two basic italian varieties. >> reporter: the big one?
9:18 am
>> that's considered the king of italian wines from icon producer mark kaza d brolo. a sweet dessert wine. very versatile with many desserts or casual entertaining. >> reporter: if i wanted a big steak, let's say you're going to go home and cook a lovely big steak, which wine would you have with that dinner? >> probability the barbara. drinks very much like a lighter style cab, can go very well with many entries? >> reporter: what's your favorite steak? >> if depends the day of the week, the mood and what's on the menu. >> reporter: also um, fish, people go up and down with fish.
9:19 am
>> pinot greejigio is a safe bet. >> you heard it hear from our wine expert. >> reporter: c'mon out, wine tasting. i may have to get my hands dirty later. yummy uh? >> bring a couple bottles back for the folks in the studio. we've been talking about steak and wine, now it's like torture. >> reporter: i'll try to smuggle them out there. >> thank you so much, lynette. good job out there. coming up next: you do not want to go anywhere. when i tell you we'll show you something cute, this picture, yes, it's adorable. when you see ronnie in person, you'll go awwww! we have tips from the spca we'll check with katie flori when we come back.
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we are talking about great cuts of steak earlier, nothing is more delicious than ronnie here. katie brought in this puppy. if you're a guy, go to the maryland spca and on adopt him. there are more women around this dog than i have ever since. >> this is ronnie, has an
9:23 am
8-week-old pitbull puppy. he's very sweet. he did fabulous in the car, loves people. very inquisitive, wants to check everything out. just a lover. he really is. >> he's curious about all this stuff you brought in. >> he's very curious about it. >> i brought a few different things today. we're going into fall. it's a great time to get active with your dog, go on hikes if the leaves change color. it's important to make sure you stay hydrated as well as your dog. i thought of a couple options, a few different things you can do when you're out and about. this is a great um, type of water bottle, not only can you use it, but it has a little bowl to your dog. you can put it in here which makes it a lot easier to carry. there's this option, which i really like, not only can i have some water, but i can put the straw in here, squeeze and water comes out and the dog can share and have a little bit of water.
9:24 am
>> you always see the person squirting their water for the dog trying to drink it, good idea. >> this is a wonderful option, you can have actual bowls. it clips together like this. it opens up. you can open each container and have food and water. maybe hook them on up here if you had a hook for it. some great options. >> good tips, clever stuff. ronnie's up for adoption. >> he two brothers available for adoption this week and his mother sugar is also up for adoption. they're wonderful pups. >> he's as sweet as can be. incredibly friendly and loves people. look at that face. >> the number to call for ronnie or his brothers or their mom, the number's on the screen. i know you're in charge of volunteers at the spca. you had quite a week--
9:25 am
>> this guy was ordered to do customer service after being accused of beating a dog to death. >> we really feel that any person that has committed a violent offense, it's not their place to be at the spca for customer service. we do not want him there, we've asked the court to place him somewhere else. >> you do great things to animals in the community. thanks for coming in. >> don't forget about ronnie. he's so cute. thank you for bringing him in. you made everybody's day here, even with the puppy. there's more to look at than just the moon and night sky. we'll show you where you can star gaze to your heart's content and make it a family outing as well. >> i know you're cleaning out the garage this saturday, make it look like this. the cleanest garage i've ever been in. nice little locker for scott,
9:26 am
24. when we come back, we're live this morning from the maryland state home show. we'll talk all about stacey and what this show's all about, coming up next. >> before we head to break, if you're trying to find a job in this tough economy, we want to help you out. send us your resume. every wednesday we put three video resumes on the air. send an e-mail to with an attachment. we'll be right back.
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one of the great things about having a place of your own is the ability to decorate it and change it the way you want to. the sky is certainly the limit, but we could use ideas all the time. everybody needs help now and then. we head to harford county where we find jamie costello. >> you're not a handy kind of guy are you? >> reporter: no, but i want all of it out here today. stacey runs this place, you have
9:30 am
how many vendors out here? walk and talk with me. >> we have hundreds of vendors out here. it's crazy. everything for your house. anything you want to do, we've got it. >> reporter: windows, doors, new heater. unbelievable. we're in the hardwood section here. lumber liquidators. i like the ravens room up there. >> ravens lounge is hot. it's everything this weekend. >> reporter: also, women come out here. they have a women's room up there. >> if your hair do is old, get it newified. that's a new word. >> reporter: we have solar power, we have water treatments that you can put in. solar windows, i mean, everything that's, and $1500 rebates on a lot of them because of the tax break. >> absolutely, we have water treatments here that will make
9:31 am
you taller. >> reporter: where's that. >> upstairs. >> reporter: sun rooms and decks, a lot of food also, right? >> great food. potato-chip covered peanuts. >> this is a baltimore firm, right? >> they have delicious flavors, samples. you can't even believe. you have to come out. >> the one peanut tastes like a chip, right? >> all these peanuts are covered with potato chips. it's the craziest thing. >> reporter: parking is free. you'll be open all weekend. >> all weekend, maryland state home show today 2:00 to 8:00, saturday 11:00 to 6:00 sunday 11:00 to 5:00. if something that probably
9:32 am
most of us don't do enough, gaze into the sky and check out the stars. the astronomy program in the school of mathematics and science, the community college of baltimore county let's you reach out with the stars it's been serving. we want to tell you about this. they have the equipment to do it. david is the assistant professor of science in charge of all these amazing observations. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me this morning. >> what exactly is this? how is it that anybody can go? >> we basically have public programs at the dundalk campus. we have a small observatory with a telescope. we look at naked eye-star gazing. we tell the people, most of you can't afford this real nice piece of equipment, but you always have your eyes with you. learn your way around the night sky, download free star charts off the web. it makes a fun activity, it's
9:33 am
not rocket science. you just uh, look for a few of the markers in the sky. you can learn some of the history, mythology, it makes it fun. most of the time kids know more than the adults do. >> it's more than like "it's the big dipper" it's seeing something you might not be able to see on your own. >> exactly, we can point out things people can't see with their eyes. maybe some nebulas or star clusters or get a nice close-up of jupiter's moons, saturn's rings. >> that's cool. >> tell me about when you have somebody for the first time see something they didn't expect, what's that like? you've run into that before, right? >> one time i had a student, it was really interesting, she just shrieked. it was hilarious. people don't realize how much they can see or in some cases, they say "is that real?"
9:34 am
i say "i'm not holding anything behind the telescope." >> do you think we appreciate the sky enough? >> probably not. we're so used to living in the cities, we have so much light pollution. we don't see as much. people out in the country, they don't realize what they've missed because civilization has advanced so far. using the nice tool on the telescope, but saying "this is what you can see on your own." >> i know that you're a professor and this is you know, a passion of yours, but is it exciting, i guess, to share it with other people who really don't know that much about it, but might say "i'd like to see something i can't see with my own eyes?" >> i do it all the time with the public and my students as well. i assume they don't have a lot of background coming in. i feel fortunate i'm able to
9:35 am
teach the planetarium and bring the real world and simulated world to them as well. try to get them to understand what's going on in space and how we're a part of it. >> let's put all the information on the screen right now. you guys have a couple opportunities for people to go. there's a bunch of dates. one is including tonight at 10:00. you might have to stay up later, at least for somebody like me who goes to bed at 7:00. there's a number to call on the dundalk campus of ccbc. what a cool idea. >> it's a lot of fun. just hope the weather cooperates. we never know until the last minute what the weather's going to do. >> talk to justin. justin's probably talking about the stars and you're asking about the weather. you guys are a good team. stay with us this morning. are you looking to try something new in the kitchen? we have the perfect segment for you this morning. it's time to dine on angel
9:36 am
cuisine. it's easy and can be done at home. >> eastern shore, thick fog is the issue this morning. 80 degrees though, it is a bit icky and sticky. 84 is what it feels like. little haze in the sky today. we should clear that up towards the weekend, we have cooler temperatures and rain on the way. we'll talk about that when good morning maryland comes back. please, stick around. tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan.
9:37 am
23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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listen, if you're celebrating a birthday today or this weekend, happy birthday. special happy birthday this morning to connor from abington, turning 13. the adolescence, i hope you have a wonderful birthday. if you're having a birthday, we'd love to know about it. all you have to do is send us a short e-mail with an attached picture of you, your friend, family member, whoever it is celebrating a birthday. send it to we'll give you a birthday shout out. the latest poll numbers are out, it's tight. that's one of the topics scheduled for this sunday's square off right here on abc2 on sundays. richard sher joins us in the studio with how close the race is. >> it's a statistical toss-up. we'll be debating the power of
9:40 am
palin. we'll ask panelist kathleen kennedy townsend what she thinks her father might have thought about politics today. other panelists, conservatism bob share and unless the stake -- stink bugs get ahold of me and eat me up. >> between that and the bedbugs, we're running away. we have to do something. we're looking forward to square off this sunday. if you're still hungry after the whole steak segment, stick around, we'll talk asian food. when we're craving it, we end up going to a restaurant, order takeout or order in. we'll give you an easy recipe, we'll head into the good morning maryland at 9:00 kitchen.
9:41 am
>> reporter: isn't this thing absolutely gorgeous? if you want it, you have to buy the shower that goes with it, maybe cabinetry as well. get all of it at the maryland state home show. we'll have more, stick around. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package and epix -- free for 12 months. and with this offer, there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, cancel at anytime
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with no early termination fee. fios gives you the best channel lineup, superior picture quality and more hd... plus internet rated #1 in satisfaction, speed and reliability. last chance. offer ends october 2nd. get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, plus the fios tv movie package and epix, free for 12 months... with no term contract. call 1.877.797.fios. that's 1.877.797.3467. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v it's time for fios.
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all right, here's jim with honey bones. we're out here at ripkin stadium for the maryland state home shows. how does funny bones get to aberdeen? >> how do we not get to aberdeen? we're at the home and garden show, we'll be here all day. we have yeah, funny bones, original spicy, chipotle, sweet and tangy mustard sauce. >> okay, yeah, i love it. i want to jump in here, i got good reviews from you already last year. they loved your spicy barbecue. definitely recommend it. what else do you recommend? >> i recommend you know, what, this is my hidden secret here. funny bones sweet and tangy mustard sauce. awesome. you're going to love this. put it on a pulled pork
9:45 am
sandwich, absolutely delicious. >> i love it. >> reporter: how did you come up with the name? >> i've been funny all my life. wanted to do something fun. makes you feel good. >> reporter: what makes great barbecue? >> time, care and a great barbecue sauce. this really highlights the foods and the proteins you put them on. but absolutely uh, time, smoke, care. >> reporter: how long have you been doing this? >> you know what? i grew up cooking my entire life. cooked with my mother my whole entire life. >> reporter: a may abduct you. >> c'mon, c'mon. [talking simultaneously] >> reporter: so mom, who's recipe is it? >> it's actually his. >> reporter: when you taste it, you say to him, you don't
9:46 am
critique him right? you said "you nailed it." >> that's right. out of this world. >> reporter: this has been fun at the state home show. continues all weekend long at ripkin station. we don't shut the doors until we're all finished on sunday. c'mon out, watch the ravens game. they have a ravens booth up there. take a look at the women's booth up there. >> i'm on the way up there right now. >> i'm going with you, we'll take the mustard and head that way. >> reporter: have a great safe weekend everybody, we'll see you later. >> listen, we're going to one-up you jamie, while you're at the barbecue, we're here in the kitchen making asian cuisine. thank you for coming. >> good morning, good morning. >> what are you making?
9:47 am
>> it's a little business spicy. steamed greens. we toss it up. and this uh, yellow pepper, make more color. >> you keep stirring and working all your magic. why is it when we want chinese food we always go out four it. this seems pretty easy. >> we whip it up in no time. this is all part of our new program we're launching at baltimore national college. food enthusiast classes. thursdays evenings around 6:00. we're really looking forward to bringing the whole community into our college, our state-of-the-art building and starting something new. >> is this an opportunity for somebody who says "i like to cook, but maybe i'm not ready for a full-time commitment?" >> pretty much, yes. they get to work right in our classrooms, in our laboratories, with our instructors, they're all certified executive chefs
9:48 am
that work for baltimore national college. if you're a little leery about something, we're going to show you the skills to really bring it home and make a beautiful dish at home and entertain your families and friends. >> this is one of those things you can do at home. >> you haven't been working on this long, it seems easy right? >> less than ten minutes. >> reporter: what is peeking shrimp? >> it's a little bit spicy. >> what is it that we're smelling? it smells amazing in here. >> like a curry, but no coconut in there. >> white curry paste. >> will there be different themes? >> as a matter of fact, last night we had an open house, free french-cooking demonstration. we had about 50 people come in, they got to taste all the food. got a little open house. everybody came, it was a wonderful evening. we look forward to the public coming in and enjoying our
9:49 am
school for the service-based programs. >> french cuisine, that's no joke. >> we'll have cheese-making. gingerbread houses, all kinds of different classes, get that information on our website. baltimore national college. >> how are we doing with this? >> we're almost done. just finish it up with the basil. we just throw the basil leaf in there. >> how do you know when it's done? see how it tastes? >> nice and tender. >> how chef is also a specialist in melon carving. >> oh my gosh. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> nice bouquet over here. >> all of our students get a chance to carve these melons like this. >> this is just really
9:50 am
intricate. there's one over here as well. get a nice shot of this. >> my friends helped me out with that one. >> any is beautiful. >> this one done. >> you can play it up and make it happen. >> amazing. you're serving this up. we're getting all these shots of gorgeous stuff. all the information is on our website. and if you want more information on this recipe. it smells so good. you made is seem so easy. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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all right, heating up in a hurry here. temperatures 76. feels like 81 after the morning fog. still haze in reisterstown. camp fetter, nima headquarters. we'll be seeing an improvement for all of us in terms of visibility. temperatures cooking up right now. 78 degrees in ellicot city. still dealing with low clouds or
9:54 am
lifting fog. aberdeen checking in at 71. clouds up towards our north. will try to pivot their way through. will make for more sun. you're not seeing it right now. overall we pump in more heat this afternoon. we'll be watching showers and thunderstorms in the mountains. this is ahead of the front which lingers back in ohio. front slides through, we bring in cooler, dryer air. nice saturday. sunday we see the return of the moisture, and that uh, could give us cloudy afternoon and maybe some showers to our south. we should stay dry for the game. here we go, for today, our two-degree guarantee to 93. record of 95 will be very close. you're looking at temperatures about 90 up towards westminster and i've highlighted just north and west, better chance of maybe getting a thundershower. hop across the bay to the eastern shore. add all the moisture with the fog, you should probably stay dry today. up to about 93 in easton. we'll be talking about heat
9:55 am
index values. upper 90s to near 100. it's fall, but will feel like 100 this weekend. 84 tomorrow. low 70s sunday. turning mostly cloudy. showers for all of us. 70s remaining next week. megan? >> we're following breaking news that we want to tell you about right now out of havre de grace. a school bus has flipped following a serious crash. this happened just after 8:00 this morning in bully rock parkway. officers there say that three vehicles were on involved, including the school bus. six children and the driver aboard the bus suffered minor injuries. again, minor injuries. the driver and suv had to be taken to the hospital. the bus was taking children to meadow veil high school. we're following this story online on it's constantly going to change. go to our website if you want more information. listen, it's friday, we don't want to leave you with bad news, if you're worried about the bus
9:56 am
crash, head to before we go, we want to remind you about a lighter story. remember this? the girls hope, boys hope center here in baltimore got the thrill of a lifetime when ty pennington popped out of the bus and told them, your life is going to change. so the time has come. it's time to move that bus. sunday, extreme makeover home edition debuts its eighth season with a two-hour special on the baltimore build. we'll get to see what it looks like inside. before extreme makeover, move the bus, we'll go behind the build with a one-hour special right here on abc2. that starts at 6:00 p.m. followed by a two-hour season premier of extreme makeover home edition at 7:00. and because of that, we just have a programming note to tell you about, squaroff, which is usually on do during that 6:00 hour, it'll be on at 9:00.
9:57 am
set your dvr. >> a lot of stuff going on this weekend. >> i think that extreme makeover will be fun to watch. remember all the drama with the weather? sideways rain and the earthquake that happened. >> that same week. >> short of volunteers at one point. a lot of drama going on. >> you were there. >> i know, really fun. i'm excited to see how it all-- >> you and ty were tight. >> he'd go "megan who?" we hope you join us. >> megan who? >> he didn't really talk, constant yelling. >> all right, well, we'll see you on monday morning, actually sunday evening and go ravens. >> that's right. have a great weekend. >> see ya!
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> rachael: today... meet christina. >> i n

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